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Intellectual Property Law

Nobody is as susceptible to intellectual property theft as someone without IP legal representation. That’s why Dushyant Legal Services is here for you.

We have attorneys and professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of intellectual property law including; copyright, trade secret, trademark, patent, brand management, and licensing. We also provide professional services in trademark prosecution, trade secret licensing, patent prosecution, and counseling in security breach issues.

Our level of understanding and experience of intellectual property law puts us in the perfect place to guide our clients through very complicated intellectual property issues from prosecution to litigation and other international regulations.


Detailed Services


These days, we post many of our intellectual properties on the internet (Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) and some of them might be wrongly appropriated to another person. However, copyright law prevents such occurrences. It allows an author to retain the exclusive right to the usage, publication and distribution of his work.


Dushyant Legal Services provides counselling on copyright matters as well as its litigation and prosecution. Our attorneys are not only academically versatile in this field, but they also have a world of experience from handling practical copyright issues.



While a copyright is for authors, a patent is for inventors. If you are a business or developer and you have an idea that no company or person has ever had before, a patent will prevent your invention from being used for a while. 


Unlike copyright which is usually automatic, a patent is not. It has to be applied by following some legal guidelines. Our law firm provides professional legal advice on how to meet these criteria. We also help in the acquisition of patents for all patentable goods such as; drugs, jewelry, medical devices, and computer software to mention a few.



A trademark is the entirety of your brand image which can be copied without legal registration. This extends to domain names and business names. It allows you to distinguish your company and your brand from every other company or brand providing similar goods and services.


We, at Dushyant Legal Services, provide trademark advice, prosecution, and litigation for companies and individuals who want to avoid a case of trademark infringement. With our attorneys’ knowledge of tech, our services also extend to online stores and domain names.


Trade Secret Licensing

Trade secret licensing is an aspect of intellectual property that does not in any way deal with physical properties. Trade secrets are intangible and there is no need for full disclosure during application and licensing.


At Dushyant Legal Services, we work with businesses and industries to secure their trade secrets. Our services include; counseling, trade secret agreement drafting as well as application drafting and submission.