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Clio: Your ideal mobile office

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, companies are re-evaluating their business ethics and trying to make the idea of “work from home” into more than a passing phase.

They have realized its benefits but to a traditional law firm, it’s a disaster!

Well, unlike some conventional law firms, Dushyant’s Legal Services survived the storm induced by the pandemic in the legal industry.


Dushyant’s Legal Services discovered an alternative and a relatively easy style to keep track of its clients, billing, and legal cases.

This discovery is Clio.

What is Clio?

Clio is a cloud-based law software designed for legal practitioners and law firms. Clio embraces the modern transition of works into remote work and creates a great experience and market for the legal world; both clients and legal practitioners.

It is no lie that despite the bags of benefits Clio comes with, it is a stranger to most law firms. Even for lawyers who know about it, Clio is a very difficult software to navigate.

Experience Seamless Service Delivery

Dushyant’s Legal Services has taken its time to dig deep into Clio and explore its goodness. Clio has become an indispensable tool in Dushyant’s Legal Services and we are willing to put other legal firms and lawyers on the train of seamless service delivery and client satisfaction.

At Dushyant’s Legal Services we are not only sworn to give the best of operations to our clients, but also the legal industry at large. We are willing to spread this seamless and advanced mode of operation to lawyers and other legal firms by helping prospective clients set up a Clio account.

Dushyant’s Legal Services believe that all legal practitioners and firms deserve the best platform to serve their clients better. To ride this wave of client satisfaction, Dushyant’s Legal Services can get you on board. With our assistance, you don’t have to get stuck amidst files in your office or carry folders on your working days. Aside from creating a Clio account for you, we are keen on helping clients optimally maximize the do good in Clio. In so doing, we won’t leave you to wheeled around by Clio’s interface but guide you through its many functions and their respective usage.

What You Stand To Gain

Getting to know Clio for the first time? That brief definition won’t help.  So, let’s take a quick dive into a few of the benefits Clio offers.

No matter what level you are practicing law, a lawyer, a small firm, or a large firm, Clio is the best legal practice management software to use. It is cloud-based, so you don’t have to take your PC everywhere, you can access your page via mobile phone.

Clio helps users manage cases, automate documents, organize contacts, and also generate bills. While you do these, you can get payments and new clients via this software. Simply put, Clio is an e-office.

Leave It To Us!

If this all seems good to you, then leave it to us. Let us help you set up your mobile office and give you a tour around it. For a seamless legal practice with Clio, Dushyant’s Legal Services’ know-how comes in handy. While you help your clients, we will help you.