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6 Reasons Why Collaborating With Another Law Firm is Right for You

The legal services marketplace has been evolving and continues to evolve.

For instance, because of the opportunities that come with globalization, clients are seeking to work with law firms that can deliver a wide range of services that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. Clients are also increasingly demanding the delivery of quality legal services at their desired and expected cost-effective price points, especially in the wake of economic instability and downturns.

To meet this demand for efficiency and value, law firms have to find ways to adapt if they are to effectively cater to the diverse needs of their clients and remain in business. One of the best ways for a firm to keep up is to enter into collaborative arrangements with other law firms.

It is with this appreciation that we at DLS offer a ‘helping hand’ to law firms by offering them legal support services. As a result, they are able to deliver value, offer their clients superior customer service and experience, and meet their business goals without breaking the bank.

Below are a number of ways your law firm can benefit from working with DLS:

Cost Effectiveness

Your law firm gains access to the services of legal professionals at a significantly lower cost compared to what would have been incurred to hire a full-time employee on a monthly salary. This cost is further reduced as other costs associated with payroll e.g. taxes and benefits are eliminated.

The reduced operation costs that come with having us on a contractual basis affords you the opportunity to spill over this benefit to your clients through competitive billing rates. This is a huge advantage to your firm especially with increased competition among law firms, and client needs for efficient and quality legal services at a lower cost. Your firm can keep clients happy by ensuring efficiency and affordability without going out of business- a win-win!

Growth and Expansion

Whether your law firm is a boutique, small or medium-sized, or a solo practice, you will be able to take on legal briefs that would in ordinary circumstances be too large for you, especially for lack of human resource capacity.

Additionally, working with us makes it possible for you to expand your business geographically or in terms of scope based on the changing needs of your clients. You are able to do this faster and at a lesser cost as collaboration eliminates the requirement for intense capital injection for acquiring additional space, investment in infrastructure and hiring permanent employees.

On the Spot Access to Expertise

With us, your law firm will benefit from our team’s wealth of expertise and experience which may not be available in-house. This is especially handy in instances where your clients’ briefs fall outside your firm’s areas of specialization.

DLS becomes your very own team of legal experts in different areas of practice, giving you of the ability to broaden the range of services you can offer. In turn, your firm is able to proliferate, get more work from your existing clients and build a reputation as a firm that delivers cross-specialty services.

This access also saves you the hours you or your associates would have had to spend trying to figure out your way around the brief, reducing your turnaround time.

Specialization & Focus

The back office and other mundane, often time intensive, yet necessary operations of a law firm tend to increase as the business grows.

These may force your employees to stretch and multitask to deliver on your core business function and still handle these operations. Where their volumes are high, the possibility of some processes being overlooked increase which can affect your practice.

As part of our legal support services, we take on such tasks as client data management and discovery on your behalf. This frees you and your employees to focus on practicing law and the money making streams of your firm without compromising on quality. 


Like most businesses, work volumes in law firms can be cyclical; moderately to extremely busy in some seasons and moderately slow to very slow in others.

Having DLS as part of your team allows you to exercise staffing flexibility based on your firm’s work requirements. By contracting us, you get the benefit of aligning your hiring needs to those of the business and season; bringing in resources in busy seasons and releasing them in slow ones.

This flexibility cushions your law firm from a high wage bill especially during low seasons, all the while giving the additional advantage of a guaranteed ready work force of ‘associates and paralegals’ when need arises.


Imagine a brief (or several) is halfway done when your associate resigns. You reassign it to another who has to acquaint themselves with it, all the while managing their own work load. Meanwhile, you spend time (and money) to hire and train a replacement who in turn takes time to onboard. Work continues to pile on the employees left requiring overtime and …

Such scenarios are common and often costly to law firms.

Working with us can help change this narrative as you can immediately hire us to take on the work that was left pending. It also allows you to ‘replace’ employees who may be temporarily unavailable for reasons as being on maternity, compassionate or sick leave.  Your firm, therefore, continues to run seamlessly and without interruption.



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