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About Us

Who We Are

Dushyant Legal Services (DLS) is a venture that has been started with great passion by Dushyant Shah, an attorney licensed and based in India.

Inspired by its founder’s versatile 7+ years’ work experience in various local institutions and subsidiaries of international companies, DLS offers a comprehensive range of legal services to both domestic and international clients comprising individuals, law firms and other corporations.

Services offered include litigation, legal research and drafting, consultancy in business law, intellectual property rights, general consulting, and tech and other support for law firms.


DLS already has a global footprint with a client base in 16+ countries including India, USA, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, Lebanon, Jordan and New Zealand.


It is our aspiration to be the go-to legal services agency for clients all over the world!



Our Approach

Support:              At DLS, we believe that everyone deserves to have a law-savvy someone in their corner when navigating legal waters. We have tailored our services to ensure we cater to a diversified clientele, whatever their legal needs. So whether you want a basic consultation or a contract for that major business deal you want to get into, DLS has your back!


Simplicity:           We know that the law can be complicated, even intimidating. We have therefore made it our business to provide simplified solutions to complex legal problems, in simple language.


Adaptability:      We keep up with the changing times to ensure efficient service delivery and business practice while maintaining the fundamental tenets of the legal profession. Keeping your best interest at heart, we stay current and get creative to offer solutions that are in touch with legal and commercial developments. We also embrace technology to better connect with our clients and make it possible for us to transcend geographical boundaries to serve them wherever they may be across the globe.


Relationships:   They matter. Our clients are the heart of our service delivery and we give each one personalized attention. We offer tailor-made, unique solutions fitted to their specific needs. For us, one size does not fit all!

We also have working relationships with our network of trusted local and international law firms and agencies. Because we believe in the power of collaboration, we consider them more as partners than competitors. The result? Not only do we offer services to them, but whatever our other clients’ needs, wherever they are, we are able to ‘cross borders’ for them through our network.


Flexibility:           We offer our clients flexible payment plans for our services upon request.

Though not your traditional law firm, we at DLS still uphold the core principles of the legal profession- from keeping client confidentiality to avoiding conflict of interest. Our team is professional, passionate and committed to ensuring that our expertise meets excellence- every time!

With DLS, you will be in good hands. Contact us today.