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The Procedure of Contract Drafting

A contract is a document that binds two or more people together. It helps to impose order and ensure that the parties involved do not go back on their agreements.

A contract can either be oral or written. However, in the modern world, oral contracts are fast becoming legal relics. Today, most contracts come in clear written terms, so both parties can understand what is required of them.

Furthermore, a contract is a basis upon which the majority of businesses in the world are built. Also, they come with a series of complexities.

There are various examples of contracts such as employment contracts, sales agreement contracts or purchase agreements contracts, and many more.

Contract drafting is the art of writing or dictating the terms of a contract.  It involves listing out the details, outlining legal information, and clearly pointing out the things both parties from the contract. In short, drafting is what simplifies the terms and conditions of a contract so the parties involved can clearly understand them.

That said, if you have a business deal or want someone to be legally bound by a promise, you may need to get an attorney. In fact, in this case, the attorney is needed to make sure the contract has reliability and is secure. For instance, a contract involving real estate may require an attorney.

The need for an attorney may arise as a result of how big a contract is. Also, in a case where there is an already prepared contract, an attorney is still needed to review the terms and ensure that it’s favorable to his client.

In this case, the attorney will check all the financial obligations, and transactions listed in the draft to make sure it is intact and the details are binding. After the attorney reviews the contract, all possible repercussions will be adequately outlined to those involved.


How contracts are drafted

There are various types of contracts. However, the most internationally known is called, “the standard form contract” or “adhesion contract.”

In a case where there is a standard form contract, two parties will be involved while the contract will be drafted by either of the two. However, the other person does not have the power to negotiate the term of the contract in most cases.

What this means is that the person rarely has the chance to choose a favorable condition within the contract. Examples of a standard contract include renting an apartment or car and buying tickets.

Additionally, in terms of the ticket contract, the buyer rarely has an option to choose what favors them. An example is someone going to the cinema. The cinema will issue a ticket with a few terms and conditions that the buyer cannot affect any changes.

Overall, the primary reason why a contract is required is to create a sense of understanding between the parties involved. Therefore, it is essential for the individuals involved in drafting to maintain understandable words. That is, the contract should contain terms and phrases that both parties will be able to understand.


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