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Automating Client Intake With Clio Form Builder

First impressions matter. And because your law firm will not get a second chance to make a great first impression, it is vital that you create a positive first impression with your potential clients from the very start.

Client intake is one of the most essential processes in building and running your law firm. It is the initial contact between your firm and the potential client. It is also an opportunity to introduce them to your business.

You can create a great first impression as you onboard clients by using customized and professional client intake forms.


Client Intake Forms

A client intake form is a tool, sort of a questionnaire that your law firm can use to onboard clients.  By filling the client intake form, your potential clients provide you with information about themselves and contact information, as well as the details of their case or type of services they are seeking from your law firm.


Why Client Intake Forms

Going are the days when the client intake process was done on paper, when you had to jot down your clients’ info and case details on your legal pad during an intake call, all the while trying to ensure that you do not miss any of it.

With technology, you can now do this faster and more efficiently in an automated process by using the intake forms. This moves the process online from the paper era, by making the forms accessible digitally on your website, on text or on email where your potential clients can easily access them at their convenience.


By using these forms, you will significantly impact your business:


  1. save on time as less manpower goes to conducting the process manually. This frees you and your staff up to focus on billable tasks;
  2. it makes for a smoother and more convenient customer experience, especially given the digital age in which we are currently living;
  3. separate the wheat from the chaff- Let’s face it, not all clients will be a good fit for your firm. With online client intake forms, the information clients provide enables you to establish well in advance if your firm is a good fit for the client by evaluating their needs, budget and other relevant filters vis-a-vis your firm. It also helps you to filter serious clients from just forum shoppers;
  4. the information provided helps you better assess your firm’s capacity to handle the brief should the prospective client engage you, and to come up with a strategy for addressing their need, making your practice more efficient;
  5. eliminate errors that may come with the manual client intake process or loss of client details which can cause you to run the risk of letting a potential client fall through the cracks;
  6. The forms help to create a positive image for your business, giving the impression that your firm is tech savvy;
  7. Increases the speed of client intake;
  8. It becomes easier to maintain clients from anywhere in the world; and
  9. Helps to streamline your practice – by making it possible to evaluate which matters bring more income into the firm, the clients you need to make follow up calls to and those that are ready to engage your services and sign client retainer forms.


Creating Client Intake Forms using Clio Form Builder

There are several available tools and software that your law firm can use to create a client intake form.

At DLS, we help our clients create client intake forms using Clio Grow Client Intake Software. We do this by offering Clio form building services for clients who use Clio.

Clio is a practice management software specially for lawyers and law firms to help them manage and run their businesses more efficiently by making tasks such as client intake, tracking time, managing matters and generating invoices easier.

Clio form builders are available to all Clio grow and Clio Suite Customers.

How we do it

Using Clio form builders, we offer Clio form building services by creating forms specially tailored for you and your business, whichever your area of practice. Whether in real estate, family law, civil litigation or other area of practice, our Clio form building services are for you.

As part of our Clio form building services, we create customized forms that require information from your potential clients that is most relevant and applicable to your firm or practice, or that will elicit only the specific information you would like to obtain.

This may be information that may help with marketing, like how they found out about your firm, the person who referred them, why they chose you, or on client preferences like preferred modes of payment. You therefore only acquire information that is necessary to you, without having to sort through a pile of data to extract it. We do this by making use of the option to customize fields in the Clio form builders.

With our expertise in offering Clio form building services, we are also able to create forms that make provision for the giving of answers in line with your preference. You have the option to have potential clients answer by choosing from given multiple choices, drop down menus, yes/no answers, single line texts or paragraph line texts.

Should you want to add any tips you may want the client to consider when answering a question, set up fields that only accept valid information e.g. email addresses & other contact details like phone numbers, mark questions that must be completed before the form can be submitted etc., DLS can do this for you.

Additionally, we can also create room in the form for clients to upload files or documents if this fits with your preference and desired outcome.

Once we create the form, you can share it with your clients privately via email & SMS or make it public by linking it to your website. Clients can then submit their information straight into Clio grow.

Our Clio Form Building Services

Ready to get started and take your business to the next level?

Engaging DLS for Clio form building services could not be easier. All we’ll need from you is:

  • Your Clio Grow/ Clio Suite log in credentials
  • Instructions on the content and format you’d like the form to take in PDF or word.

Because we want the best for our clients, and with our expertise in offering Clio form building services, we may also recommend fields, information, questions that you may consider including in the form to ensure ease of use by your clients.

  • Payment, of course. This comes at the end when we deliver the form to you.

Get in touch with us today for a free quotation on our Clio form building services and let us help you grow and make your business more efficient.