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What sets us apart as a Tech-Savvy Law Firm

We have progressed with the times, continually improving on our use of technology to provide the best services for our clients. For us, Legal Technology eases the day-to-day operations of legal duties, while for our clients, it allows them to access the best legal services around quickly, and easily.

We have put into use, Legal tech tools to provide our clients with certain benefits, some of which are:


  • Time Tracking:

    Dushyant’s Legal Services is a tech-savvy law firm with the flexibility to adapt to the continued changes in the digital world. A feature that sets us apart is the use of an in-house time tracking tool, which assures you of getting the best value for your money, by avoiding overcompensation. The satisfaction of our clients is our primary interest, which is why we make use of all the technological tools available to us to provide the best services.


  • Communication:

    Good and swift communication is the key to quickly resolving legal issues. While some law firms still use outdated means of communication like face-to-face meetings to communicate with their clients, we use the new, faster, and more efficient means brought in by technology.

We make use of the most effective communication media available. Be it voice calls, video calls, or even conference calls, we use applications like Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Microsoft Teams to take our clients’ requests, and quickly respond to them. You don’t have to come to meet with our experts face-to-face before our legal services can be rendered to you, and since we use the most popular communication platforms, our clients will have little or no trouble at all finding the means to jump on a call with us.


  • Automated Processes:

    At Dushyant’s Legal Services, software like Clio is utilized to automate documents, organize contacts, as well as manage cases. Zapier is also used to automate communication with clients as well as create, calculate, and send estimates. This enables us to communicate with clients and respond to their requests in a much quicker fashion. Traditionally, repetitive legal tasks are performed manually, thereby taking up a lot of time. This increases the workload on lawyers who also need to attend to clients and in some cases, have court duties. With this software at our disposal, we do not worry about repetitive tasks, but rather invest our time and energy into providing the best legal services for our clients.


  • Research:

    Research and drafting are a core part of our operations. We label it as extremely important, as it could make a big difference between winning a case and losing it. It is crucial in every case, as it provides attorneys with all the information they need. While some attorneys work with printouts, we utilize the best research solutions around, leaving no stone unturned in drafting the best legal papers. Manually searching for specific items within the printout takes away the valuable time we would rather spend attending to the legal needs of our clients.


  • Resource Management:

    We deal with a lot of cases involving numerous paperwork and documentation. This necessitates processing titles, managing files as well as gathering and storing these files. While these tasks might hinder productivity and effectiveness for others, that is not the case for us. At Dushyant’s Legal Services, with software like Clio, cases are managed easily with every case properly recorded and updated. Calendar and task management are also provided, ensuring that the needs of every client are well taken care of.


  • File Sharing:

    Following our policy of thorough operations and dedication to providing the best services for clients, we understand the importance of file sharing. We also understand the need to keep clients’ information confidential always. This is we have moved away from sharing physical papers to electronic document sharing. We make use of highly secure file sharing applications like Google Drive, Dropbox as well as OneDrive to share information with our clients.


  • Contract Signing:

    Thanks to technology, our clients can communicate with their lawyers from their personal spaces, even while signing working contracts. There is software available for this purpose and it makes things easier, as both parties have access to the contract and are effectively bound by it. We make use of the best contract signing software such as PandaDoc, DocuSign as well as HelloSign to draw up favorable contracts for our clients making our working relationship smooth and hitch-free.