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We are looking forward to working with you in a short term or long term capacity.

Our areas of Interest include but not limited to helping you with:

Legal Research, Drafting and Consulting – National and International Laws / Matters.

Contracts – Drafting and Negotiate, Review, Red-line / Revisions & Update

Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Polices

US Bankruptcy, Personal Injury and other Litigation Support

Consulting – Laws, Polices, Internal Compliance and Liabilities

Template Creations & Re-organizing process flows

Commercial, Real-Estate & IPR laws

✦ DMCA Take-downs

The Team is Proficient in:

Clio Case Management System & CRMs 

 PACER – Active Access, and ECF filings

Legal Research Software

Template creations

Mail Merge

✦ File sharing systems like – Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive

✦ MS Office

✦ Website management (Yes, you did not read it wrong. We have a web developer with us who would be happy to help you with your online presence)

Articles & Blogs

And so the list goes on…

Even if your thoughts(exactly) are not jotted above, ask yourself these:

Are you excited to be a part of us?

Are you excited to collaborate with us?

Do you think Either of us can help the Other?

If answer to any of the questions is a YES, then we are as excited as you are!!!

So, reach out immediately and lets see what the collaboration results in!

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